There are a lot of 3rd party development tools out there, today we will look at my favorite, appMobi’s XDK. Easy to install, use and offers Cloud services all in one.  Many will claim that tools that take HTML5 and convert them to native for mobile applications will not work. Sure there are a few times this might be the case, but normally it is how the tool is being used. In my experience if you need to write straight native code for anything you might be making it more complicated.

The XDK allows you to write your HTML5 in most anything but you can combine it with their ready made javascript libraries and other API’s that are provided. The XDK brings it all together allowing you to test for iPhone, iPad and the various Android configurations. This to me is a great feature and have not found instance that it wasn’t spot on. In addition they provide all the tools to help make your app a success using cloud services for messaging, stats, transactions and updates.

Although this doesn’t have anything directly to do with the XDK it is very helpful. There are a lot of video examples and tutorials via the HTML5 App School. If you want to learn how to develop for games there are some great examples using HTML5 and the appMobi XDK libraries. Here is an example of how to add sound to your mobile game using appMobi:

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